Friday, October 17, 2008

The true dates

We leave on March 6th and we finish on April 30.


We're off!

Heather helped me collate and fold and stuff a bunch of the fundraising letters last week and I sent out about 100 one day and 100 the next day before running out of stamps and stickers and so I'm back on hold. BUT the first postcards have come back to me, one two days ago and four yesterday and I have actually started raising money which is a thrill.

I sometimes wonder, before a party, if anyone is going to show up. So it is with this project. I feel out on a thin limb here, making this public statement, exposing myself in this way. Already people are talking to me about their story or the story of someone they know and there is a part of me that feels really unprepared to deal with this aspect of this venture. I am not an expert on cancer and don't want to be. But I do feel that paying attention is a good thing so maybe that, simple as it is, is what I have to say. I can say that with authority. My own authority.

I got my bike tuned up. Can't wait to ride it. Can't wait for all of this. At times I feel like I could explode with excitement. This is very very exciting.


I've been listening to Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" and in one place he talks about the brick walls being there for a reason. And I agree. I also feel that it is much more possible to get over those brick walls with a team of people. This is one of the lessons from the Outward Bound exercise of climbing over the wall. No one could do that alone. But with help and planning and cleverness and skill and training it does work.

So it is with this ride. I am really not in it alone. It is already much bigger than me. And with two riding partners and two trainers and two sisters and one fabulous bike mechanic and a whole lot of people who are going to be "on my team" this will all come to be.

Life, today, is so very good.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My route: March 4 - May 4, 2009

The next step

October 11, 2008
This past week I've spent hours assembling and sending out the mailing for potential funding team members. Heather came and helped the other night and THAT was an enormous help. she is so smart and knew how to build a data base that will put all the names in order by name OR zip OR how much they might pledge or any way I choose. And then it prints them all out on labels and it's all very neat and tidy. It would have taken me days and days to do what she did in an hour or so. Amazing.

Gosh - I might not have mentioned that both NOCC (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition) and OCNA (Ovarian Cancer National Alliance) are on board. NOCC gave me 500 symptom cards, which are tucked into each note that is being sent out. OCNA is going to do a lot too. Karen Kaplan is going to come here and help me figure out what to do. They are going to help spread the word about the ride by putting it up on their web site.

I've decided to learn how to do videos and want to do one after the ride is done. There's a song that has completely grabbed me, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. It's a love story, a tale of getting decked by someone. It's very upbeat. AND it seems that one could hear it as a call to action, "I won't hesitate no more, no more, this cannot wait, I'm yours..." It has an irresistible beat and captivating lyrics and I get into my car and play it over and over and over again.

But still, let me repeat, I don't have a video camera, nor do I know how to do movie editing, nor is any of this in my skill set at this point. But yesterday I got a note from someone at OCNA who, completely unsolicited, wrote and told me about a little video camera and offered advice on computers (which one to buy) and also wondered about designing a cycling jersey. All of these things are things I want to do. I had even stopped into the computer store an hour earlier than that to ask them that very thing. And here, with no prompting (well, no conscious prompting) came an answer.

I dragged Heather along with me and we found one of those cameras and that's that. And then I got a catalog in the mail. Yesterday! About new little tiny computers. Amazing. Charley Caste, my psychic friend, said to be wide open and not to limit my thoughts on this. So shall it be.

One more thing. I had lunch with Leslie Boyd from our paper yesterday and they are going to start running a story on the whole project. That will include a blog too. But I will keep this one going as well. Yee-ha!

So pretty soon this blog will get to have little movies.