Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 25, 2008

Whee! Two posts on one week. I'm off to a grand start.

The chin worry has turned into a minor, yet very visible case of poison ivy. Alas. Yesterday's almost full-day photo shoot for WNC magazine was fun but I kept wondering if my poison ivy bumps were showing. Not to worry.

Shopped at the market for fresh things from about 6 farmers, all the while followed by a sweet photographer and his sweet assistant who carried a very large reflective disc. Sheesh! Not that the thing was supposed to be hidden, but wow - the big camera was one thing and that huge disc was something else all together. I kept waiting for someone to say, "THIS way, Laurey!" Of course no one did - just my silly imagination.

I got a call today, which I didn't even have time to answer, about the fund raising for my bike ride. Tomorrow I'll call and see what my friend thinks. I have let things go as I prepared for the big photo shoot day, but now it feels like time to get back to it. I'm gong to Chicago for a very fancy dinner on Saturday, back home on Sunday and then back on the bike on Monday.

Things I need to do:
Make a training schedule
Write the fundraising letter
Come up with a list of possible sponsors
Find a house sitter
Get a plane ticket
Get new bike tires
Get rid of my poison ivy

By the end of August I want to have a sponsoring organization
By September I want to have the letters sent out.
And a training plan laid out.

That's good for now.

What a thrill!!!

Hmm, maybe I should state a few goals right here:

The top 5 off the top of my head are:
1. I want to raise at least 50,000.00 for Ovarian Cancer early detection
2. I would like to raise 5,000.00 in sponsored funds to help me with my trip expenses.
3. I want to raise awareness of the importance of paying attention to one's body, knowing that this sort of attention can make a huge difference in living a healthy life. Early detection means early treatment, which means survival.
4. I want to figure out how to spread this word, and how to focus on health, not on illness.
5. I want to have a big team of people who support me on this ride, financially and psychically.

Tra la! Today life is good.

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