Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting closer

I have just sent out another letter to another person who, I hope, will be the one who will help me get connected to an organization that is working to educate women about the early warning signs of ovarian cancer. I'm not going to jinx myself here, but, if it works, I'll be able to "go public" soon!

I took my new shoes back to the bike shop and had them adjusted and am looking forward to riding with them. It took DAYS for my knees to stop hurting after their maiden voyage so I hope the adjustment works.

My back has been sore and that, too, has kept me off my bike. Sheesh!!! My pilates instructor says that it is a temporary setback. The lesson is - Don't sleep in hotel beds! GOSH - every time I do, I wake up with a terribly sore back. It hardly seems worth it. That's not true - but I DO wish that I could go away and not end up aching.

Hopefully it will be better soon.

I want to ride on Sunday and Monday. I need to stop hurting.

So there you have it.

September 25th. A sad day for me, as it is the day I will always remember as the marker of my failed relationship. Four years ago I was celebrating a union. Today I just remember how lovely that day and time was and wonder about how it turned and became a failure. I have learned a lot and will be much more careful in the future. For now, I concentrate on my bike ride.

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