Friday, November 7, 2008

4 months and counting

Oh my! Yesterday was the 4 month mark. Which means that four months from today I'll be riding. I'm trying REALLY hard to stay on track. Suddenly this week all of what needs to happen is creeping up on me. I have to get a grip! Judy, who has done this ride before, says I'll be fine. I've been collecting opinions on training and eating and resting and that sort of thing. Everyone has an opinion - which is good. But I need to filter them all, sort them all, decide what I am going to do, and do it.

And that IS what I'm doing.

My current training regimen is:
Ride on Monday - a long-ish ride.
Go to the gym on Tuesday for core strength work.
Have a Pilates session on Wednesday - again, core work.
Blow glass on Thursday. Not exactly aerobic, but strength building - and fun.
Nothing specific on Friday.
Saturday is a work day.
And on Sunday I go for a long ride.

I'm thinking of adding a spin class on Wednesday and maybe on Friday too. Now that the time has changed, afternoon riding is a bit tricky.

And then there is the food part. I am adjusting my thinking to include better nutrition. Got any advice? I may be about food at work, but that does not mean that I am a great nutrition expert.

In fundraising, I am about to cross the 16,000.00 mark. And this month I am going to contact some corporate sponsor prospects.

It's all good!!!

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Anonymous said...

Re: Food
Check out this link if you're interested. I've done this 28 day cleanse diet before and am about to start again. There's no feeling of "deprivation" even though it's quite different from how most of us eat, and it is extremely healthy food. It takes a little while to get used to the recipes. It does bring about some weight loss, but that wasn't my original motive.
We felt more energized and really healthy afterwards.