Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Night time again

A whirlwind of a day - again. Whooshing around, getting ready for tomorrow's cooking class, going to the market, meeting with people to talk about a class I am teaching in two weeks, beginning to think about a speech I am giving in three weeks, and about another that will be in four weeks, and another that will be in two months. All are about the same thing. And all will be different.

I don't plan well in advance. I am really one who responds to the thing that pops up in front of me. I am really good at that. And I am trying to train myself to look ahead a bit more. Looking ahead pushes me and makes me uncomfortable. Things that pop up are more to my liking, even though they mess with my long range planning. Funny about that.

Today I had taken a look ahead at my day, had made a plan, had things in order in my mind. But the phone rings and I answer it and sometimes that means I have to do something with the caller, like plan a party or something. And that messes with the order of my list. Ha!

I had not really done a very good job at getting ready for the things I needed to get ready for when Annie showed up, ready to get me to take me to a show a friend of hers was doing - here in Asheville. I had, in actuality, just started really collecting the things, ingredients and pots and pans, that I will need tomorrow for my class. But then it was time to go. I went, but then realized that we were 1/2 hour EARLY - which gave me 1/2 hour to cram in some shopping - for tomorrow's class.


The show was fun, worth seeing. Her friend is a goofball and has written a goofball book called Stuntology. Goofball stuff. My mind was on my class - sort of. Sam was funny and I did like his show. Goofballs unite! As soon as the show was over, my mind went back to the class-100%. Annie took me back to work where I planned to squeeze in one more hour of work before leaving to meet her for some music and then dinner and then a concert.

All was fitting in pretty well.

But then, back at work, a customer of mine came up to me and told me he'd just crashed into my car.


Whoosh. Look at the car. Figure out what to do. Do it. Feel perversely excited at the suddenness of it all, of the ability to feel comfort in this unexpected thing. And, yes, feeling ANNOYED at my car getting banged up. I don't have time to have give up my car to have it fixed. Not today anyway.

But then my sister came by and helped me slow down enough to REALLY get everything organized for the class - which I managed to do.

So I don't know what to say about this. Is it my nature to resist planning? Even my VERY best laid plans get tossed to the winds. Almost always. So do I just say, well, I am a spontaneous person and I work best at the last minute? But that does not take into consideration wanting to be more calm and to have things laid out.

A conundrum.

But now, finally, I am at home and part of teaching a good class is going to bed.
Which I will now do.



Heather Masterton said...

By the way, if anyone else ever feels like doing this for Laurey, here's the method;
1. Call and say you're coming in for a cuppa tea and a hug.
2. Arrive, get coffee, resist cupcake-of-the-day (luckily it was carrot cake, my easy-to-resist flavor).
3. Give hug.
4. Stand by helpfully, say little, wander around after the sister as she talks herself through her list.
5. Encourage muttering with no rejoinders.
6. Start no meaningful discussions, just drink coffee and hold out arms to carry things.
7. Get a goodbye hug, "Thanks! Believe it or not, it really helped me a lot to have you here for this!"

It's fun, delicious, and encouraging to be so helpful with so little worrying on our part. And you get hugs. (Oh, it helps if you already live in Asheville. Hard to justify a long drive - but the hugs ARE very good!)

Love, sister dear

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Rachel S. said...

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