Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cards, sent. Letters, written.

So my new favorite pastime is imagining I am on the Ellen show. I watch old shows of hers and get a quickened pulse as I imagine walking out onto the stage with some pounding bicycle song in the background. I laugh to myself as I imagine this, but isn't this what the Law of Attraction is all about?

Yesterday I found a list of a whole bunch of supervising producers and senior producers and executive producers and sent two postcards to each one of them. I also sent e-mails to the executive producers and have been asking everyone I know to write to Ellen if they think putting me on the show is a good idea.

From the moment I started this ride idea I felt that I would get on the Ellen show to tell her, and her viewers, all about my ride. For some crazy reason I still think it will happen. Everyone I know thinks its a great idea.

"She'd LOVE you!"

"You two would hit it off!"

"That's a PERFECT idea!"

And the more they say these sorts of things, the more I persist and allow myself to do things like writing and sending 30 postcards to people I don't even know, introducing myself and saying that I would like to be on her show.

WHY do I want to be on her show?

Well, the main reason is so that more people hear about those subtle early warning signs for ovarian cancer:
abdominal pain,
feeling full quickly
feeling the need to pee more than normal
AND - most of all
having something be wrong for more than a couple of weeks.

Early detection can be a life saver.

But also I want to be the very visible symbol of the story of survivorship. When I was sick it helped me a LOT to meet someone who was out there ahead of me, surviving longer than I had. 20+ years is a long time to be a survivor in this club and I want people to know that there is hope.

(Okay, and I want to meet her.)

So if you want, send something to her. Tell her how much she would like me! And then get ready! It WILL be fun to be on her show. Except today I started wondering if they would make me wear a lot of makeup.



Heather Masterton said...

how many tickets do they set aside for family and personal entourage???? We need to find that out RIGHT away!! I am TOTALLY going to be in that audience...

BaNana Marge said...

Hi Laurey
It is a wondrful, outstanding and great idea to be on Ellen. You have a positive and uplifting spirit and to share that with millions of people, is an inspiration to all of us survivors.
I was diagnosed in Feb 2009 with Primary Peritioneal/Ovarian (PPC) cancer, stage III C. There is no cure, however, remission can go on forever. I am in remission as of July 15th 2009.
In the last 30 days, I have lost 2 friends to PPC. Joanne and Martha were like me and millions of others, we did not know the symptoms and waited before seeking assistance from the doctors.
Ellen's show would not only be informative, it will also provide positive and enthusastic information and show the human side of this disease, we can move forward and not stand still, stop the silence.
Laurey, you are on hell of a gal. Thanks for all you do and I hope our paths cross someday.
Marge Walsh
Chicago, Illinois