Saturday, November 20, 2010

Managing technology

There are many parts to manage when considering a big adventure. One, which is my current challenge, is managing the mere technology of it all. If I want to keep in touch with you while I am ON my big adventure, I must learn HOW.

When I did my previous ride, I had a small "net book," a small computer which connected to the internet and enabled me to write my blog each day. I could upload photos, write, send. I could access my e-mail, and that was about all I needed to be able to do.

Since I did that ride, I have added a couple of new parts to my life, including being a person who travels and speaks about things, including honeybees. It is much easier to talk about something like honeybees if I can show photographs.

My little net book was not strong enough to handle a powerpoint presentation.
I decided I NEEDED to be able to do a power point presentation.
I decided I needed something more advanced.

Also, when traveling, the mere idea of lugging a 10 pound piece of machinery has become an absolute chore. Amazing to think that my first "portable" computer fit into a carrying case the size of a quarter of a Smart Car! But anyway, now I don't WANT to carry around anything big.

I now, as a result of all this, own an iPAD.

But then I needed to get a special connector to connect the iPAD to a projector. I needed a little connector to take my photographs off my camera and onto my iPAD. And, today, I decided that I needed a keyboard.

I am almost up to a new small suitcase for all the connectors and bits of paraphernalia that I am amassing.

BUT - it all seems to be working.

So, in short, it may seem that the most important thing about a big bike adventure is the bike and the body. But, as you see here, those are not the only concerns.

Glad to know it all works.
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