Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don said yes!!!

On an otherwise difficult day, a day filled with problems at work, I got one shining note from Don at Jubilee! (they write it with the!) saying that yes, I can certainly direct funders to send their contributions to a special fund at Jubilee. This will give me the chance to take my time, find the right recipient organizations or start my own. All good.

This will keep me on track to send out my letters in the next few weeks. I want them all out by the end of August.

Curiously, I also got a message from my friend who I've been talking to from the big organization. I had been feeling that my small efforts would get lost in this big organization which is why I've gone to my own small organization. And I did not get a chance to speak with my friend today. Perhaps tomorrow.

So, bike life moves on.

Today feels momentous. This is a long and difficult journey. The least of it will be the bike ride.


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