Monday, August 4, 2008

Trying to figure things out

I rode with my friend Judy yesterday. We did the Jack's Creek ride in Burnsville. 37 miles or so. When we started we saw three men getting ready to start the ride too, but then we didn't see them on the ride which was surprising, as I figured they'd pass us at some point. We DID see a couple of other small groups riding - all in the other direction than the way we were going. Hmmm. Then, about halfway through the ride, we passed the three guys, going the other way too. Since our ride had been kind of mild, following the creek or the Toe River, and since I noticed some elevation at the end of the ride on the profile sheet, I figured, rightly, that we were in for it. The last 8 miles were pretty continuously uphill. Aha! No wonder everyone was riding the thing backwards (according to the cue sheets, that is.) It was also a HOT day. And I haven't ridden in a couple of weeks. I was pretty pooped by the end of our ride. I wonder how it is going to be, riding every single day.

Took my bike to be tuned up a bit today, since I have not been able to stay in the largest chain rings, not such a good thing, as that is the easiest gear and when I slip out, well, it is disconcerting to say the least. Got new batteries for my little warning light and some new gloves. I'm ready to go - just seven - oh my, REALLY??? - more months. Holy cow!

Judy did this ride a few years ago and I am going to follow her lead in terms of fundraising. I'm striking out on hooking up with an organization. Well, not exactly striking out, but it is taking a long time and I'm feeling that if I DO hook up with some organization I will lose any control over the funds and much of it will get lost to administrative costs and I will just have to let the funds go to what that group is doing, not necessarily what I might want done with it. So I am going to see if Jubilee will be the receiving organization, agreeing to hold the funds I raise, and keeping them until I disburse them. That way I can send money to groups who are doing good work and, as Judy suggested, can just start my own thing, spreading the word about the value of early detection. Why not?

I'll call Don and Howard tomorrow to see if I can do that.

I want this to be about spreading the word that early detection can be possible, in ovarian cancer and in many other things too. And that paying attention to signs of things being different can make a big difference in getting early treatment. But I don't want this ride to be about waiting until it's too late. I want to help catch things early. Making signs and cards to distribute. Giving presentations, that sort of thing.

That's what I think today.

Now it is time to start getting in touch with sponsors, people who will "virtually" go on this ride with me. I'm excited all over again. This, this very good thing, will help me and help others too. It will make me stronger and will help others to find their way to a stronger place too.

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