Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Moving, moving along

I've started spinning classes. Stumped by the cold (it is REALLY hard to get outside on a road bike in cold weather) I've started to spin. Spinning is HARD, but it is a HOT hard, not a cold hard. I sweat and spin and, no matter my mood, smile at it all. My teacher is a funny gal, blasting hip hop, gesturing wildly, urging us to increase the resistance, keep up the pace. I imagine climbing over the hills, mountains, facing the winds, the rain, I imagine all of this.

I think of a song we sing at Jubilee, an old Irish drinking song, actually, though its word are motivating:

I will not lie me down, this rain a raging.
I will not lie me down, in such a storm.
And if this night be unblessed
I shall not take my rest
Until I reach the other shore.

So spin class is fun and the ride, too, will be fun (much, or at least some of the time, I hope).
AND I also know there will be parts of it, perhaps much of it, that will be really hard but those hard times will be times for putting my head down (or lifting it up) and carrying on.

No matter what.

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