Monday, January 12, 2009

The money is IN!


I went to Jubilee yesterday and got the final check for the bike ride. Funds are still coming in (thank you very very much - and no, it's not too late.)

Just to clarify, the funds that I sent in are were funds that I collected from sponsors who wanted to support me, not just the ride. There is still a good amount of money in the Jubilee account and I will be giving it to the beneficiaries after the ride is done.

In the meantime...

Last week I rode once, did two spin classes, and had two workouts. Still does not seem like enough, but now I feel the need to take care not to overdo it. Someone on the ride pointed out that this is not a race (I KNOW this) and that the beginning of the ride is a reasonable amount of miles. People keep saying I look fit (!?) and so I am trying to relax and just trust that what I am doing is fine.

Today I went on a little shopping trip and bought a little gear bag that straps onto the cross bar of my bike. It will hold my little video camera. And then, on a kiosk that I happened to be standing in front of as I was waiting for the guy to find the little gear bag, I found a tiny little tripod that ALSO straps onto the bike. It will hold my video camera - while I'm riding! I have this image of riding through a Monument Valley-type place, clicking the "shoot" button on my little flip camera, and pedaling on. I still have an idea for a video that I hope to do. In my mind's eye (and ear) it lasts 4 minutes and is accompanied by Jason M'raz's "I'm Yours," a sweet, lilting, captivating, energizing song. And in my mind's ear, it is sung by my friend Randa McNamara. We'll see how this all plays out.

So now it's off to Spin Class I go. Got some new bike shorts today too and I'm going to try them out.

Oh - I'm going to Washington, DC in early February to speak at an event for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. I'll be bringing my bike (of course!) and am looking forward to this first public speaking opportunity.

The adventure continues!

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Tom Heck said...

Hi Laurey -- It was fun to see you at Jubilee on Sunday. I'm excited to follow your journey through this blog.