Sunday, May 3, 2009


Day One.

I'm home.

And I'm sore.
I tweaked my back yesterday as I was sliding my suitcase into my car. This is one of those "I can't beLIEVE it!" things. I have been hauling that suitcase all over the country and I never tweaked my back with it. Ah well. Can't do a thing about it today. Tomorrow I'll go visit my chiropractor and he'll fix it.

I woke up so sore I wasn't sure I could accomplish my wish to ride into Jubilee. But I sucked it up and got on my bike, wearing rain gear for the first time in two months, and rode in. Cool!!!!

Jubilee welcomed me, hugging, smiling, cavorting with me.

All was fine at my shop too. French Toast!!!! And they had a Huevos Rancheros special that looked pretty darn good.

I am now finally tired and will now stop.

These posts will now come as I have something to say. Which will probably not be the case every day.

Until then,



Binner said...

Enjoy the much deserved rest Laurey! You are an inspiration to CS's everywhere!!! Very cool pic BTW ;-)

Dennis Oziel said...

Congrats on a spectacular job well done. You are an inspiration to all. I look forward to seeing you at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Conference in July.