Monday, February 16, 2009

One step closer

February 17, 2009

Yup. little by little it comes closer and closer and...

Yesterday Howard blessed my bike at Jubilee! (The name of Jubilee! includes the exclamation point, by the way.) Twice, actually. At the early service, he gathered everyone around and said such lovely words and sprinkled my bike and me with water and it was grand and soft too and then quiet and loud and I was dizzy even though it was not a surprise. And then he did it again at the second service and I tried hard to look at all the people there but got dizzy with it all again and really have no idea whose faces, whose eyes I looked into. It doesn't matter. I was there, they were there, and I feel safer.

Then today, a very chilly day, I decided to not ride outside but to take my bike to the Liberty Bikes and Matt took it to pack it up. I bought some new tires - kevlar ones! and a bike bag and a couple of extra spokes and such. Tomorrow I'll go get it and Heather and I will take it to the packing store where we'll send it on its way.



One step closer.

One step closer.

Also, as of yesterday, I am pretty sure I've gathered over $30,000.00 in fundraising. This is getting to be (it already IS) a significant number. The ovarian cancer national alliance will get a good sized check from us all when this is done.

Did I mention they asked me to be the keynote speaker at their national conference this summer?

And in the meantime, a friend just got diagnosed with breast cancer, another with lymphoma, another with ovarian cancer. There's too much of this. I hope my efforts will make a difference. This is just too much.


BaNana Marge said...

hi laurey! i am excited to have found your blog! my mom has just been diagnosed with ppc and we are looking for positive people like you to keep my mom and our family positive and motivated to beat this disease! thank you for your inspiration!

Shonnie said...

Laurey, thank you for doing what YOU can. I know those feelings that come when we look out and see the situations we wish were not real. Rather than giving in to the overwhelm and disbelief, you are taking action...BIG action.

Thank you!

Rachel Jones said...

You are amazing!

Janis L. Hahn said...


I am so excited for you! Peg Ford invited me back to my home town of San Diego for your March 4th kick off, but then read your blog.
I am in Scottsdale, undergoing further testing pre surgery at the Mayo Clinic. I am a 38 year survivor and would love to meet you in Phoenix as you pass thru, or Apache junction! Keep living your life!!! It is the one way to help defeat this horrible disease!

Hope to see you in AZ....
here is my email,
Let me know a time and place and I will be there!!!

Happy Riding!!!

Hugs and Health,
Ovarian CA 1970
Yale University's Longest Cancer Survivor!