Friday, February 27, 2009

ONE WEEK and counting

Oh my - can you (or I) believe this? In one week I'll be riding. Hard to believe as I sit here at my desk in Asheville. I just finished making some gift bags for a party tomorrow and, a bit earlier, did a display at a new event planning center here. Tonight I go to dinner with my bee keeping friends. The countdown is on, in a big way.

I've started packing. Still have a couple things to get (neoprene booties for me, cat and dog food for the cat and dog). Tomorrow is a work day. Sunday, I hope, is a day with my girlfriend and our dogs and not too many other responsibilities.

My hair, as you see, is SHORT! Two months with no haircut and this is what I now have. It's very fun to play with and I might just keep it nice and short. Who's to say?

Zoom zoom zoom.


Brenda said...


I just read about your big adventure on the Chamber blog. I hope you have a grand trip full of wonderful things. If you pass by or through the little town of Quartzsite, AZ (just East of the CA border), say hello to Asheville resident Christine Schlagater. She's there until the end of March, then coming back home to her post at the Silver Armadillo.

Best of luck! Our wishes go with you.


Heather Masterton said...

I just accessed the Google Earth Map of your route - I do have it saved in My Maps, but it was hysterical to see it posted across the photograph of the US. We love you, Laurey! I'm going to get lunch at your shop today - go Laurey! Eat at Laurey's! Support the bike trip AND the shop! Love, your sister, Heather