Friday, April 10, 2009

Hot times in Texas

I figured out how to use the ethernet connection!! This was lunchtime at Mama Jack's restaurant today. 9 miles from the day's destination in Silsbee. Yee Ha! It's hot. Deep Soputh here we come.


BC said...

oh my! 80 sounds like heaven on wheels. thought of you today as I was battling head winds by the bay up here - which just recently opened up from ice. we're thrilled to have 40 degree air temps at mid day to help us begin the outdoor season. lots of antsy cyclists up here in the north.
happy evening and deep healing sleep. b

Mik said...

Mama Jack's is bomb. But today you get to find 'Not Your Mama's Cafe'--even better!! Don't know what it is about southern food. Any restaurant with mama in the name is bound to be good for the soul and bad for the arteries.