Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those Texas Bluebonnets

Here we are in Bluebonnet country. Oh it is a glorious time to be here. Lady Bird Johnson left quite a legacy - flowers, flowers everywhere. And NOW is the time to be here. Right now. And here we are. In Bluebonnet Land.

Tra la.

The fields are full of these blue babies. From a distance there is a blue haze. On close inspection one finds scads, loads, heaps, piles. of them. And there are Indian Paintbrush which are orange and evening Primrose which are a lovely light pink. And Coreopsis are yellow and it goes on and one. The red dots the middle of a blue sweep. The yellow masses behind. Red. Blue. Yellow. My favorites. Laid out and huge bunches. Oh beauty. Oh beauty.

Before I left I heard a prayer:
Beauty in front of me.
Beauty behind me.
Beauty above me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty to my left and beauty on my right.

Today was that. Surrounded, surrounded by this color. And then all of it dotted on a huge background of rich green. Don't forget the green. The palette. Bliss. Bliss.

Sherry and Connie and Jan and I rode all together today. 70 miles or so. Rolling out of the hill country, no major climbs, no major descents. Just rolling and rolling and the green, ever green rich and thick and dotted with cows and bulls and calfs jumping around and sleeping horses and belted Galloway cows (the ones with the thick white band surrounded by black) and Brahmas and other odd types.

This is a beautiful place.

We stopped in Independence for lunch at the Independence Grocery Store. Sassy times reading the hot sauces and spice mixes with nasty little names. And, just off the bikes and full of ourselves we, as usual, created a scene. We were so happy to be out and warm and strong and headed to a rest day. And though I, for one, have enjoyed this Texas experience, it is also true that in two or three days we will leave and that, my friends, is a major accomplishment. A full third of this trip is Texas. Stunning.

Now the gang waits for dinner, happily chirping away down below my second story room. We tuck into our plastic chairs and drink a beer and visit and it is a fine day and most everyone rode and my laundry is done and what they all DON'T know is that my crew from "Laurey's" sent brownies and congo bars and that is tonight's dessert. Ha!! Fun surprise.

So tomorrow we loll around and then hop back on for more.

Right now it's time for dinner.
Tell someone you love them. It's that kind of a day.



Anonymous said...


I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this blog!!! I make sure to read it every night. I just completed bike florida which was one huge accomplishment since I did no training whatsoever before hopping on a bike for 6 days of 40-60 mile rides... and no it was not flat as planned. So I have a total appreciation for the wind and its direction, the amount of food a body needs on a long push, the effort needed to climb the long hills and the total joy of a day of riding!

Your blog encouraged me so much in getting ready for the trip and more so the few times during the trip I could check in and see how your day went.

My trip was inspired by my mother who is a two year lung cancer survivor. We have been doing a vacation every year together for a few years and this year with the world full of options she chose to challenge her once cancer ridden lungs on bike florida. Even better my younger sister came with a pledge to use the ride to quit smoking. So although we didn't raise any $ and we didn't bike across the whole friggin country we did celebrate life and hope and the joy of facing down cancer!

I turned a lot of bike florida folks onto your blog. You really are incredibly inspiring and a wonderful writer!

I think of you everytime I drive or pedal past Laureys now and stop in as often as I can!

Wishing you many more wildflower-filled days and long and glorious rides down hill.

I'll keep checking on you and you keep riding...deal?

Trish (we met at the tea)

Anne C.
ST 2007 said...

Laurey, I echo the comments here by Trish. I love your blog and never miss it! I am reminded of my ride in '07 and the flowers. When I reread my journal today, I noticed that I talked so much about the flowers on the past few days, just like you have! Ahhh, the beautiful colors. It is a joy to read your blog and to always be uplifted by your joy for life! Keep it up girl! You deserve it!! Thank you for your writing and for making each day so happy!

Anonymous said...

Laurey, Laurey, Laurey,
We miss you and wish we were frolicking in the Bluebonnets with you.

Love, Love, Love,
Madison, Buddy, and Sallie.

p.s. The two-legged members of the family just wish they were eating congo bars with you! We all love you and can't wait to see you again.

Heather Masterton said...

I was the brownie/congo bar packer, and we also put in some honey and some clothing. Since I am a semi-professional packer, I was quite concerned about the brownies staying nice and the honey not leaking on the clothes. So - - each item got sealed in plastic wrap before packing. AND, as I packed, I kept hollering out to the kids and customers in the shop, "Anybody wanna send a kiss to Laurey?" so people wrote little star-sticky-notes and decorated them and put them in. I have been enjoying the thought of the unpacking process for this package - each bit hermetically sealed, loaded with kisses for the girl!!

Kevin said...

thank you so much for sharing this with us. I pictured the beautiful field of blue bonnets so clearly as you described them.

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