Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank heavens for an easy day. I was wondering why I felt so "sloggy" this morning and then realized I had ridden 90 some odd miles yesterday. That'll take it out of a girl, I'll tell you. This trip was supposed to be "an average of 60 miles per day." Well, what that REALLY means is that there are 90 mile days and 40 mile days and other mile days too. All AVERAGE 60, but on a day to day basis, "average" loses its meaning.

90 is a lot. 40, not so much. Thankfully!!

Today started in the Bastrop State Park, a glorious creation of the glaciers, which deposited some special soils in the area, making it a perfect spot for some odd pine trees. Those pine trees are not found in other areas, just right there. Indeed, as we rode out, 16 miles after entering the park, we came into rolling meadows, horse farms, pastures, and open land. And we'd just been tucked into the woods, rolling and climbing up steep pitches and down precipitous drops. FUN! (It might have been a little early - first thing on a Monday morning to go rolling up and down like that, but by and large it was a romp.)

We're now in La Grange. This is where the real Chicken Ranch once was, THAT chicken ranch, the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. There are plenty of like-named businesses in the area, a salon called the Best Little Hairhouse in so on. Did you know I did a short stint as a dresser on Broadway? My job was helping those sweaty football player/dancer/whorehouse visiting chorus boys out of and into their costumes. Can you say sweaty dance belt?

I digress.

Tomorrow is another rest day. Seems awfully soon, since we just rested in Kerrville, but frankly, I am tired today and will not mind a day to get a little more recovery into my legs. I've tried massaging them myself but I'm not very good at it. Hopefully I can find someone ELSE who will not fall asleep while she/he works on my legs. I hope.

Anyway - short note today. We were tired. We rode. We're here. Short story.

Tomorrow might provide more.


ex-Texan said...

I love catching up with your blog every week after I read your Laurey's Catering & Gourmet To Go newsletter (thanks for including the link). THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR JOURNEY in such colorful words. Your gift of writing inspires dreams, educates and entertains us, and evokes memories.

Pardon me while I relate a couple of memories that you brought to mind...

I used to live in Fredericksburg and would drive the 20-something miles to work in Comfort. After dark, the highway would often be blocked by large herds of whitetail deer, moseying and grazing along the roadside. No hurry to move along. It was their territory and us humans just had to wait. It was magical.

Bastrop used to have a quirky little shop that sold the BEST fried catfish with yummy, homemade tartar sauce. Not much else, either. Carling Black Label beer was a mere 50 cents a bottle, which led to much dancing to the bluesy jukebox. But the funniest part of that place was that there was a huge, live bait tank in the middle of the room! Like for fishing! The aroma from that tank really created a unique "ambience." Hoo-whee.


Heather Masterton said...

and it snowed in Asheville today! Congrats on yesterday's HARD hard day - we're watching, we're watching!!! Love you and PROUD of you, Heather