Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springs, springs, and more springs

We're in High Springs. Surrounded by a whole bunch of other Springs. All crystal clear. All blue. All world famous. Who knew? I'm in a cafe and the walls are covered with photographs of people diving in these beautiful waters.

We went to one, the one shown here, and yes, it was clear and lovely.

But we're now focused on the end. I'm thinking about home. I'm wondering about this ride. I'm wondering about the now what part. I'm wondering if anyone with ovarian cancer is helped by this thing. My sister wrote and said a friend of hers just died of ovarian cancer. This kind of thing rips me apart. I ride, wonder. Does it make any difference? Is it possible to do something like ride my bike and WISH that it matters? Does it? Sitting here in this bar in High Springs I wonder.

So I don't have a whole lot to say today.

I just wonder.

Two more days of riding. One short day. One long day. Then a day of walking around St. Augustine. Then a day of driving home.

I did not know today would have these springs. I do not know what is going to appear tomorrow. I do not know what will happen in St. Augustine. I do not know how the drive will be. I do not know what will happen when I get home. I do not know anything. Especially today.

And yes, I would like to tell this story to Ellen. My friend Dara, who helps with this blog sometimes, especially when it comes to adding videos and things like that, is the one who put up the Ellen video and the plea to you all to forward it to Ellen. It seems important to me. But I don't know if it is. Maybe it would help people stop dying. Maybe.

Okay - it is still a beautiful day here in High Springs. Come here if you want to see some beautiful water. And come to The Great Outdoors for lunch. The food is very good.

Tomorrow I ride some more.


diningdish said...

that water looks beautiful...would love to be swimming in it.

BarbaraAnnDavis said...

Over the course of your trip, I've come to look forward to your blog every day; the high days and the lower ones too. Today you wonder what will happen when you stop being on the trip...Perhaps re-entry will be part of your journey too - I know you'll continue to search for answers and find meaning in everyday stuff. Thanks for what you do!

BarbaraAnnDavis said...

Ran outa room to also say ... thos High Springs waters ARE so lovely; like a hidden part of Florida that people who head for Disneyland or Epcot aren't privy to. Refreshing natural beauty - with I could jump in today!

Anonymous said...


You are so real about the questions, about the meanings, about the possibilities. You make us all think. For me you make the look of being very human, very beautiful. thank you.

mary said...

Laurey of course all these miles are effecting people many of which you will never meet. Enjoy the last two days and the companions you have made. I agree with Barbara Ann that re-entry is part of the journey.
I hope to see you on Ellen and then you can share you joy with many more people.
Mary Blake

Anonymous said...

laurey, i have really enjoyed your blog and will miss the your entries. your stomach will be the first to feel the effects of re-entry...feed me, feed me, feed me, good job and enjoy your last day on the road. dive into the water and start a new adventure from there. reba

Rachel said...

Laurey, I think that you should continue your blog for at least a month as you re-integrate into Asheville life. I know that people who come off the Appalachian Trail have months of getting used to not being on the trail, and that in itself is an interesting story.

BC said...

I agree with Rachel - this journey, discovery, story, impression that you have shared each day has been this incredible organic process. I think once you're done and you read back through these blogs, you'll see what we feel having been the "on the road" from a far. Your thoughts and action do make a difference - and there will be more survivors because of it.
tomorrow is the last ride of this trip - but there will be more.
ride on - we love you.