Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teal Toes go to Florida


I took advantage of our day off to redo my toes. They were looking a little shabby and, well, we're in the homestretch now and I'll need to be showing my toes off a bit more SO I got some toenail polish remover from Connie and reapplied the beauty.

I met six hilarious folks from Kentucky who are here on Dauphin Island for a vacation. We had a nice visit on the day we all got here and so, by yesterday, we were buddies. A reporter from Pensacola came to meet up with me and the six of them heckled in the distance, politely. No need to take any of this too seriously, right? After the reporter left the six brought me beer and wild drinks they had concocted in their condominium blender. And after that it seemed fine for me to reveal my toes and borrow Sharon's new, perfectly matched flip flops. I mean - PERFECT! Darvin and Freida and Helen and Mike and Bob. Very nice people. Very.

Teal, as you must know by now, it the ovarian cancer color. Don't you think this would be a fine poster? I do!

Today we're off, out of Alabama, over Mobile Bay on a ferry, and on to Florida. FLORIDA y'all!
Ten more days. TEN. Pensacola. Crestview. Quincy. Wakulla Springs. Perry. High Springs. Palatka. St. Augustine.


Some more biking. Some more thinking. And then home, where this journey started and, now, where it will really, truly - begin.

I'll tell you some more later on today.



Heather Masterton said...

toes toes toes - toes ! love them!

misseill said...

You have very nice feet! :o)

Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us!

Rob said...

I am so moved by what you've done - I cry every time I check your blog (I must have the need for tears - lol).
Thanks for taking us along.

Jane said...

Hi Laurey,
I did the Southern Tier last year and am enjoying reliving the experience through your blog. I love your optimism and spirit. It will be over before you know it but it will never leave you. Have fun.