Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine State

This is yesterday's picture, but you probably don't mind. Connie (near the road), me, Jan.

Jan and Connie and I were riding yesterday and when we came to this sign Jan started screaming and yelling and pounding her fists into the air. I, for one, have been excited every time we cross a state line, but this one really got her.

Connie and I were happy, don't get me wrong but Jan was dancing with glee.

There we were, the three of us, on a pretty busy highway. And by now we want pictures with all of us in them but there were no other riders around. Hmm... I moved into the spot under the sign, Jan followed and so did Connie (I don't know what we were all thinking) but just then Janet Bee, the day's SAG driver, pulled up.

Perfect! A photographer!

She snapped pictures for all of us. We snapped some of her. And then she went off to take care of her charges and we kept riding.

Today we left the coast and rode into the interior of the panhandle. A mere speck of a ride. 56 miles. Easy schmeezy.

We're in Crestview now. We stopped for lunch at a little independent restaurant here and asked the waitress what we should see that was cute. She said, "I don't know, let me ask in the kitchen." (She had just told us she's lived here for 15 years so I thought that was a curious answer.) But she came back saying, "If you're looking for cute, the chef says to come into the kitchen!"

So I did.

Turns out Michael (of Michael's) was a sweet fellow and that began a bantering, sharing, fun little conversation about who we were and why we are doing this funny thing. Most impressed were the youngsters waiting on tables. Our group IS impressive, even if we show up in small groups. 42 - 70 years old. All women. Riding across the United States. Sheesh. Who WOULDN'T be impressed?

Riding through back country, red clay, thick pines, lush ferns today gave me plenty of time to review. Time to think. My bike worked fine, odometer kept track. New derailleur cable held up. Wandering around in my thoughts. What will I do when I get back? How will I adjust to being off my bike? How will I take this experience with me? How will I give it away? I do not know the answers to any of these questions. Will I? When?

Our motel has a big pool. Want to go for a swim? I'm on the 3rd floor and my room has a blacony. The pool is right below. My roommate just came in and suggested we just jump in. I suggested a big two person cannonball. Okay - maybe not.

Tomorrow is a 90 miler. One of two more big rides.
Oh boy!


Heather Masterton said...

go jump inna pool!

Anonymous said...

I just wrote Ellen and I feel certain that you will be on her show. Get ready!
Also I think this blog needs to get into a book (weren't you asking how to give it away)and I think Liberty bikes needs to have a giant party for you so we can all stop in and say hey! Can't wait to read the local coverage in the Mtn. X. It will be good to have you back in town...our own celebrity (future star of the Ellen show!) congrats on such a HUGE incredible accomplishment!
You rock! Trish

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