Thursday, March 5, 2009

The chocolate Bikes

I forgot to mention it but Dawn MADE these chocolate bikes. She's amazing. A powerhouse of San Diego.

Today she took us to eat fish tacos at South Beach in Ocean Beach. That's near Dog Beach where we will start tomorrow. I guess when there are this many beaches you have to name them all. Really it's just one huge beach separated by stone jettys.

Anyway - thank you Dawn. You are amazing.

I'm now waiting for dinner to start. Funny, starting to shift to this schedule of someone else being in charge of the what, where, and when of my meals. Funny stuff. The fish tacos, at the South Beach Bar and Grill were great, as was the fried calamari and the french fries with grilled beef on them (picture to follow...)

Then bed time.
Then time to get up.
Then time for breakfast.
Then time to ride to the ocean to dip the tires.
Then time to ride to Florida.

Can I really be doing this?


Ginger said...

Wow Laurey!! Best of luck!!

Bill Creech said...

Hey Laurey! Good luck today and for the rest of the trip. We met at the OCNA dinner in Washington DC. I am working w/ a cancer survivor group here in Auburn, AL and we will be waiting for you in Alabama!
Enjoy the scenery!
Bill Creech
LUCK- When preparation meets opportunity!

La Bloga said...

We are so excited to have you come through Arizona! Hurray!!!
What time will you be leaving Phx? We want to get camera crews out next Saturday for a rousing send off. Annette Mattern