Monday, March 23, 2009

Nice legs!

This morning Lois, who used to be a ballet dancer, walked by and told me that I was really get nice muscle definition in my legs. WOW! She is a powerhouse of a rider, always way out ahead of all of us. She is the strongest one here and so that was quite a statement. Connie used to be a model for stockings so SHE has great legs. And I DO know that my quads are tightening up and, after all these miles it is inevitable that our legs are getting more, well, shapely. So of course Connie and I had to document the moment.

Today was SHORT! Just 47 miles. We're right on the edge of Mexico. I can see Mexico right out the window - just past the STUPID fence! ARGH. The Border Patrol cars are the most prevalent vehicle on the road. Oh sigh. I guess my disgust is not going to do anything to improve that situation.

We stopped for some terrific food. REALLY fine red chile sauce on chicken enchiladas. The waitress was 10 - just when I started to work in this business. She just stared at me when I told her that I did that when I was her age and now own my own place. She was pretty great. She's on her spring break and is visiting her grandmother - who is a fine cook.

We rode on the Mission Trail today and stopped in at two of the missions along the way. The groundsman was fascinated by our bicycles. We were fascinated by his church. Ah - a mutual admiration society. Pristine whitewashed buildings. Graceful, simple lines. Clean pews. Carefully restored statues. All nice. All very nice.

And then, after lunch, the wind came up. BIG time! Fortunately, it came from our right side which is not nearly as hard as it would be if it came right at us. There is a formation called an echelon. In stead of riding in a straight line, you stagger so that each rider is just to the left of the rider in front of her, and also is slightly behind too - an angled line that provides a windbreak. The four of us took over the entire lane on this not-very-well-traveled road and rode easily - except for the front rider. Sweet, sweet times.

Okey doke.
Hope all is well with all of you. Thanks for checking up on me. It's nice to be in touch with you.



Nurse Lovejoy said...

That deep blue sky - nothing like it on this side of the Appalachians. Thanks for the pictures! I scrutinize 'em all to see the landscapes of where I used to live. Can't say that I want to move back, as Asheville is as close to perfect as it gets, but it's nice to visit out west again through your adventure. Extraneous travel - with commentary - such lovely entertainment for us at "home." Thanks, be safe, enjoy all the moments.

OregonDayhiker said...

Hi from the "former-Ashevillian-now-in-Oregon/but-daughter's-still-in-Asheville" who drops in for a bite whenever I'm there (like for the Christmas dinner)-- I'm enjoying each day's report. You mentioned Dr. Lois--I'm also reading her blog because she's biking for Paralyzed Vets (which includes my husband). Thank you both for your fundraising effort and stamina! By comparison, I feel like a couch potato that has gotten moldy under the cushion! Keep breaking wind-- (that doesn't sound quite right..) -- Joan

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