Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The start of the day

Oh we were tired out today. Yesterday's heat wiped us all out. I woke up feeling like I could NOT ride a bit. Aching head and aching legs and aching back and aching BUTTS and aching crotches screamed "PLEASE! Don't you think it'd be nice to just STAY IN BED today??" But no, that was not what I decided to do and my gang, my three buddies, waited and they were aching too but we all sucked it up and posed for this spectacular snap in front of our motel (not a bad backdrop, eh?) and hopped on and actually had a pretty fine day all in all.

The highlight, once again, was the brilliant feeling of being in a line, the paceline, and doing the hard pulling work for a mile or so and then peeling off to the left and letting the other three move forward to take their turns. And then, four miles later, it is my turn again but by then I am rested and do my turn for my mile and then peel off to the left and mile after mile passed with near ease.

Yesterday I experienced "bonking" which is when you run OUT of energy. All stores depleted, you just sink. A boost comes from candy or a cookie or some energy gel or something. Connie reported that she asked how I was when she saw me dropping behind and that when I BARKED back, "I'M FINE (dammit)" she knew I was bonked. So today I tried hard to remember to eat at every possible opportunity. I had finished my peanut butter and raisin sandwich before lunch - which was at 11 - and went through many bottles of gatorade laden water. And I now have a supply of chocolate milk that I slug back as soon as I hit the motel. I'm getting the system. And, though I am sore, I am in pretty good shape, all things considered and am happy and filled with the thrill of the wind in my face on that lovely ten mile downhill jaunt. NO buildings, NO cars, NO roads (other than the one we were on) and NO noise. Just us and those magnificent mountains and old volcanoes and volcanic ash and a living geology textbook. Bliss again.

It was a lovely, lovely, lovely day.
And we're now in New Mexico and life is a fine thing.
Tomorrow we go to Silver City and then we have a DAY OFF. Spa here I come!

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