Monday, March 16, 2009

The morning snack table

We gather around a table and fill zip-lock bags with m+ms,nuts, peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, candy, granola bars, and other fine energy boosters. Today we really needed every single thing we could stuff into our pockets because the day was long and hot and sustained. We stop every 20 miles or so, and fill up water bottles and stuff more candy into our many pockets.

I'm now trying to cool off, feeling very happy to be settled in this fine lodging for the night - a Days Inn on the eastern side of Safford, Arizona. I'm not quite sure the reason for this town, but there is a very nice church near here and on the other side of the traffic noise, we can hear nice bells on the hour. at 3 they played Edelweis.

Tomorrow we leave Arizona and head for the hills of New Mexico.

The only other thing I want to report is that my right calf is very tan. Much more so than any other body part. I do have a bike short tan and bike glasses tan and bike gloves tan. I am tan, except underneath the clothes. There I am very NOT tan.

Okay - this sun has addled my brain.

I'm trying to post a video too. If it works, it should appear just after this post.
If not. Well, trust me, it was a good one.


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Anonymous said...

laurey, be sure and rest . your next day out of safford will give you a run for your money on the upward climb. there is some great sailing to be done on your bike but to get to new mexico they make you work for it. eat, drink and be merry. reba