Saturday, March 7, 2009

The end of the second day

So, halfway through today we stopped at a diner for pie. Much anticipated, it was, though the reality left a little bit to be desired. Didn't matter. We were just happy to stop and eat something. Well, really I was happy to just plain stop.

The day was gorgeous. Sweeping views of rocks and crags and mountains and high peaks. We're at about 4,000' here. Up from 0' yesterday. Much of this elevation gain came today. And tomorrow, after a 5 miles climb, we plunge DOWN for 10 miles. Ten miles! Yeeps!

The worst thing about today is that we are now right on the border of California and Mexico and there, right next to us at the end of the day, was this huge, nasty-looking fence. What a stupid, stupid thing this is. A fence to keep out people. So stupid. And as we rode we saw truck after SUV after jeep with Border Patrol written on their sides. What a colossal waste of money. Hilariously (or not) one of our guides ran into two men who spoke NO English and actually conveyed to her that they wanted to know how many hours it was to Los Angeles. Meanwhile the Border Patrol was scouting up and down, up and down the road. Somehow these two got over that fence and had managed to avoid the big boys. Kind of made me smile. I hope they make it. (I said this to a friend and she said that there is a lot of drug traffic involved and I don't agree with that BUT otherwise I think it idiotic to have spent the enormous amount of money on such a thing.

OKAY enough about that.

Tomorrow we go for 60 miles.

Time for me to go to bed.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead.

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krista said...

Hey Laurey. You go girl. I just found out what you are doing. I will follow you all the way....