Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day off in Blythe, California

So, on a day off we clean our bikes. My riding colleagues' bikes all seemed much cleaner than mine. I had actually thought that MY chain ring (pictured here) was black, that it was MEANT to be black, that the newer ones were chrome but not mine.


I learned, today, about "Simple green" which might be my new favorite cleaning product. It is incredible. Takes off bicycle grease as if it was, well, nothing. Spray it on/rinse it off VOILA! Clean bike!!!

I had thought that a day off was a wimpy, unnecessary thing. But it feels REALLY good to sit around doing nothing physical. I'm about to take a nap, in fact.

Oh frabjous day, calooh, callay!

Tomorrow it's back in the saddle. But tomorrow is tomorrow and right now is nap time.


Kate said...

Hooray! Biking with herons sounds grand. Bet they think biking with you is grand, too.

Lindsey said...

She chortled in her joy!

Everything looks amazing, Laurey, you're doing great!!

OCNA is rooting for you!


Julie said...

Hi Laurey, wow... I thought the same thing about my chainring.. hmm maybe I should clean mine soon. Enjoy your day off! Happy riding

Heather Masterton said...

Go Laurey!! Great video! I am sharingit with non-techie lcm1 too - LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! From 0 to 4,000 ft and still smiling....thanks for letting us "ride" with you. Judy M

Faryl said...

Laurey, Enjoy your day off today and don't clean to much. Napping is definitely the way to go!