Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 3

What a gorgeous day! 67 miles, only 5 of which were uphill. Then a TEN mile downhill romp through these gigantic piles of rocks and oddity, followed by glorious rolling spinning into the Imperial Valley.

Today, though long, was a grand day.

This land is rich and lush and full and it is a fine thing, on a day like this, to have a red bike and be able to get on it and ride.

One moment of perfection:
one of my day's riding partners had a flat tire right after lunch. We helped her change it and got completely greasy in the process. BUT, providence prevailed and I was able to stroll over to a car wash place where the fellow directed me to a spigot which released degreaser. AND there was an endless supply of towels. NICE!!!!

Today was a fine and fun adn great day.

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Trish Beckman said...

We met at the tea to support your journey in Asheville. I start my bike florida ride in a few weeks. You are surely my inspiration!
Thinking of you fondly and watching your blog. Take it east
you're doing great!!!

Thanks for being so wonderful!