Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Hope, AZ

One of the main reasons for a gal to ride her bicycle all day long is to eat as often as possible. Fortunately for me, my riding partner is a good eater too AND she likes sharing. Tra la! Here I am enjoying - REALLY enjoying - my half of a cheeseburger. And yes, if you look closely, you will see a streak of dirt on my forehead. The ride up into Hope was long and hot and dirty. I had washed my face but it didn't really matter. (I AM getting a good tan (and yes, I am lathering on the sunscreen) but this was plain old grit.)

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Annette said...

Ola, Laurey!
Arizona is proud to welcome you to our sunny state! We have survivors coming out Saturday morning to rally support for your ride. You're amazing! Hey, have some great Mexican food while you're in town.
Go, Chica, Go!
Annette Mattern