Friday, March 6, 2009

It has begun

I've been waiting for it to be March 6th for a long time. Today it finally got here. We got up early (I got up WAY before dawn - too excited to sleep) and ate some of the very best oatmeal I've ever eaten (might have had something to do with the excitement of the day, but I'm not sure). We then rode to the ocean, a short 3 mile stint.

What a thrill to be starting in on this thing. But what a brisk start! Before I left NC people would say, "well you're not riding on the HIGHWAYS, are you?" Well, much to my astonishment, we DID. Granted, there are bike lanes, but still...that's some FAST traffic. But after a bit we made it off the freeways and into the foothills. Lovely space, beautiful day, and it is as intimidating as I could believe anything could be. I mean, we've STARTED!

Tomorrow we ride more than today and the profile of the ride is much more intense than today's. But as many have said, it is one pedal at a time, one breath at a time, one bit,one little bit at a time.


Peacemaker said...

Laurey, you pedal for the cause that propelled you there, but you pedal for so many other causes also.

Each individual who becomes aware of your action will be filled with encouragement, inspiration, motivation and a new understanding of discipline.

Your first step - complete! Rest well, nurture yourself and see us with you!

Anne C said...

I can feel your excitement!!! The first day is really magical! I did it in 2007 with Nancy N. who rode with you on the Blue Ridge Rambler last fall! I was the one who brought the tomato salad and came to meet her!! It is great to keep up with the ride again through someone else!! Seems I just can't get enough of it!

Nancy and I had a nice visit two weeks ago and will ride the Northwest Loop in August.

Good luck and ride safe.

Shonnie said...

Congratulations on your "splashy" start, Laurey!! Keep those teal toenails spinnin' around and enjoy every mile and experience on your important journey.

Thanks for helping us share the ride. We love you!

Susan said...

Good luck, Laurey! I'll be huffing and puffing with you from Asheville...

Rachel said...

Laurey, when I read about your trip, I thought it was a solo venture, now I see that there is a "we". Just wondering, how many others are riding, and do they all represent different causes?
Be safe on your journeys.
Thank you.

J said...

Laurey, I met you at the reception and what an honor it was. So great to see the positive things one can do. Have a great trip and remember to enjoy those special moments.

Nancy said...

Like Anne, I can feel your excitement as though it were yesterday, not in 2007.
You must be riding to Jacumba today. Indeed that was a tough day for me. We went to a "tiny" library in the town that was open on Saturday to post our blogs.
Will be following you and the other women.
Happy trails.
Nancy N

Majo John Madden said...

Laurey -

I'm embarassed that i knew really none of the details about your ride - now i have subscribed to the feed! (I've been wanting to learn about this whole "subscribe" thing - another thing i have learned from you.) I also had not known about contributing to the cause - shall do.

Did you have ovarian cancer? (another thing i haven't known about)

Dennis Oziel said...

Hi Laurey, It was a pleasure to meet you at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Benefit in Washington DC last month. I'm following every step (pedal) of the way. Enjoy the ride!
Dennis Oziel, Board Member